Sunday, November 23, 2008


Here's Alex having a go on the trampoline at Bockett's Farm Park - it was a very cold visit to the farm, but we really needed to get out of the house for a while as we have been totally taken over by having the living room painted - the living room is inaccessible, of course, but so is the computer/dining room - well, not inaccessible, but really crowded, as that's where all the stuff that would normally be in the living room is. So when I drover Sarah & a few others down to Guide camp yesterday (they only went for 1 night as they all were sitting the secondary school entrance exam in the morning) I took Alex along for the ride and then over to the farm for a few hours. He had a great time, but it was really cold. Even in the playbarn, he kept his coat on the whole time.

This morning we even work up with a small coating of snow - not really enough to get excited about (unless you are 5) but it was there. Olivia, on Brownie Pack Holiday should be ok, as they were sleeping in cabins, but Sarah & the other guides were sleeping in tents - I reckon they had a very cold night. The leader rang this morning and said they were going to pack up a little early today - leave at 2pm rather than 4pm - which I can understand as the snow has now turned to rain and it's still really cold. Of course, if you will plan a camping trip in November!! Then again, last weekend was so mild we didn't need coats on, so you never know.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy birthday to me!

Well, I feel I should post something, but frankly, I just wrote a long post about what I did for my birthday over on my quilting blog (a lot more people read that one than this one, I think!), so if you want to see what I did with my day, head on over there...

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Mang, Katong and the Crocodile King

Olivia's class performed today at the Kingston Primary Performing Arts Festival, and took first in their category - well done, them. I have some still photos, too, but they all have red-eye, so until I sort that, I won't post them. [This is only part of the poem; I didn't video the entire thing as it's fairly long.]

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Hat Weather

A trip up to town on a rather cold, and in the end, miserable, wet day.... Here are some of the kiddies at the train station, waiting for the train to arrive - definitely hat weather!

First stop was the Transport Museum, where I seemed to have managed not to take any photos. We then walked down to the Aldwych and grabbed a bus up Fleet Street to St Paul's Cathedral, where we went in only as far as the coffee shop in the crypt... it was quite expensive to actually go into the Cathedral and with small, unappreciative children, we didn't deem it worthwhile. We did, however, find this somewhat amusing stone on the floor:

Perhaps not amusing to all, but Sarah enjoyed it. So we walked around the church (but not widdershins*, of course!) and then got back on the bus to Waterloo.

*an old English word for anticlockwise - it's meant to be bad luck to walk around a church in that direction, apparently

And I share this photo on behalf of Alex, who enjoyed the cranes which the London skyline always seems to be littered with...