Monday, July 28, 2014

When life gives you blackberries and strawberries...

Dinner, 28/7/14: Asparagus, Broad bean and bacon quiche

Tidying the garden

A visit to the Garden Centre (well, two over a week or so, actually) to pick up some new plants for the summer, and a little time spent emptying old pots and adding new plants... And hey presto!

We didn't do a lot with the plants last summer, as we knew we'd be away the whole summer, but as we are here for most of this one, it's nice to have some plants to enjoy. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Day out at Chedworth Roman Villa

We popped over to visit some friends in Wiltshire for the day (they used to live in London - Geoff and I have known them for many years, before any of us had kids), and headed out to Chedworth Roman Villa for a picnic and some conversation - and a little looking at Roman ruins.  Here, some Roman soldiers prepare to do battle...

While the fair Roman maidens employ themselves a little more serenely...

..though not always.

Someone at one point built a Victorian hunting lodge in the middle of the grounds!

The older children - and adults - spent a lot of time simply sitting and talking. Our friends' two oldest boys are around Sarah's age - one has just finished A levels, the other, GCSEs, so they and Sarah had a lot to talk about. 

Alex had fun with the two younger boys... [our friends have 5 kids - the middle, and only girl,  is almost exactly the same age as Olivia - just a few weeks off]

 ...and a grasshopper.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Dinner, 26/7/14: Fajitas

We all love the season of eating outside...

Friday, July 25, 2014

Dinner, 25/7/14: Potato, Spinach and Taleggio Tart

Yummy, as usual. This is particularly nice because it's made with bread dough rather than pastry, so it's really light and well, bready. 

Doughnuts? What doughnuts?

A Day at Kew Gardens

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Rites of Passage

...which is our equivalent of a primary school "graduation" - the head and teachers say some nice (and often amusing) things about the kids, they all get a certificate, there are a few awards, etc. There was also a "musical interlude" this year, about which more in a moment. But here's Alex receiving his certificate. His teacher is actually the woman who has turned away toward the table, but he shook hands with all the teachers and TAs in Year 6, as well as the Head, who headed the to speak. 

Alex was half of the musical interlude - his friend Bertie also played piano (though not at the same time). The other two Year 6 students who play instruments chickened out at the last minute, apparently. 

And here he is with a couple of buddies

and one of his best mates.