Sunday, July 31, 2011

Eden Project

Rather impressive from above. Unfortunately, we couldn't go up in the viewing platform in the Rainforest Dome, as it was too hot (only up at the top of the dome, mind you - although it was fairly steamy lower down), but we still had a nice visit to the project. Even the little kids had begun to enjoy themselves by the end...

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Walk over to Charlestown

From where we are staying, there's a path - small at first, but opening up, over to the harbour in Charlestown. We walked down on our first evening there...

Charlestown Harbour from above:

There are some tall ships in the harbour, not sure quite what they are doing there (other than hanging out)...

The beach is pebbly, rather than sandy, but that didn't stop the kids from having a quick paddle...

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Here's the other haircut - she was feeling too lazy to pose properly, but you get the general idea. It's still long, but nicely layered with a long side fringe...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A grand day out...

In a pre-emptive strike against the cries of "I am so bored, what should I do" I dragged the kids (plus a friend) up to town today to have a quick peep in an art gallery and a lot of messing about looking at cool stuff in London. The photo above was actually from the end of the day, the large astroturfed chairs on the South Bank, outside the National Theatre. But otherwise, more or less in order, here was our day:

Installation outside the Festival Hall, which we checked out, along with

their current installment of themed Beach Huts (to do with the anniversary of the Festival of Britain),

most of which containing some or other sort of installation (this one had mannequins with swimsuits - 50s style (I think, I only had a quick peep) - inside.

One had an exhibit of various mosaics, including this great London South Bank one. We then crossed the river, popped into the National Gallery to have a look at a few famous paintings, then had lunch and went along to Covent Garden, where we bought some cheese in Neal's Yard Dairy, and checked out a few shops...

A wander back through Covent Garden took us past (and into) The Icecreamists, where we all indulged. This was actually the small size...

He soon got it under control, though - pistachio and milk chocolate were his two flavours - others had white chocolate, lemon (ice cream, not sorbet - gorgeous!), custard, chocolate hazelnut and one sort of coffee flavour, not sure precisely what it was. Mmm.

A walk back over Waterloo Bridge, with interesting scenery on both sides...

...and the aforementioned stop to play on the giant astroturfed furniture before taking the train back home.

Sometimes I do really miss working in downtown London, though I don't miss the commute or the crowds...

Monday, July 25, 2011

Out for a walk

Wall outside the Apostles Wine Bar, Raynes Park.

Hollyhock, along West Barnes Lane

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Stir fry

To go with the spare ribs which Sarah made the marinade for this morning...

Basketball in the park

Bubble boy

Saturday, July 23, 2011

End of Year 6...

Traditionally, at the end of Year 6 (end of primary school), they get as many people as possible to sign their shirts - and in Olivia's case, her arms as well (and her face, too, as it happened!).

They spent the better part of Thursday afternoon - despite the fact that it was a bit rainy - hanging out at the park.

Although these two boys have been in the same class/year with Olivia and her friends since nursery, they have never, to my knowledge, hung out before Thursday. I think it's mainly because one of the boys really likes one of the girls in Olivia's group (not Olivia, thank goodness - though they are very nice boys - I don't object to them specifically, just don't want her hanging with any boys except as general friends...)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Haircut & Leavers' Party

New haircut...

Singing Karaoke at the Leavers' Party - better pictures of all the Year 6 stuff to follow when I get the official pictures in the post!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Grease is the word...

Here's Olivia with some of her friends after the show tonight - and below, a rather out of focus (taken on my phone) photo of her dancing during "We go together"...

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday stuff

Popped into Kingston today with Sarah to grab a few bits and pieces (we needed a new shower curtain for one thing) - plus, Cath Kidston was having a BIG SALE. Here's Sarah looking at bags in Cath Kidston - she didn't want me to take her photo, so I promised to only do it from the back... She did buy a bag in the end - not this one - a bigger, stripey one, which she can use as a school bag. She loves the bags at CK (as I do), but the normal prices are rather dear for her...

Personally, I love the changing rooms upstairs at CK, with their quilted patchwork curtains and the retro wallpaper - and see how I've cleverly left just the smallest bit of me in the photo?

Another thing Sarah bought was a curling iron - she was practicing on Olivia tonight. Ringlets ahoy!

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Sheep in the High Street

It's quite common in the UK to see people with their dogs on a lead in the high street - sheep, on the other hand, are a bit less common.... But it was the Malden Fortnight this weekend and New Malden was full of various stalls for local businesses, etc, and this chap had brought his sheep along to show as well. He was collecting for a charity, can't remember which one - nothing to do with sheep...

Tuesday, July 05, 2011


It rained earlier today, which brought out all the snails, as usual. There were half a dozen or so crawling up my garden fence. Not quite sure what the attraction is, but at least it means they were doing something other than eating my plants...

Monday, July 04, 2011

American Food!

In honour of the fourth of July - it's American biscuits (biscuits over here being what we call cookies). Although to be truthful, it has less to do with July 4th and more to do with the fact that they are quick and simple to make and go nicely with soup, which was what dinner was. So simple to make that I had Olivia and her friend Nina make them while I dictated - I was making the soup at the time...

...and here they are, having eaten and waiting for it to be time to go off to Guides.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Sunday snippets

Flute practice (for some reason, Blogger didn't want to upload the video, so it's over here on YouTube instead).

Some sort of grand car game, complete with either a giant killer frog or a very clever hiding place:

Mini golf in the park:

Thai red pork curry with green beans and hearts of palm.