Saturday, March 27, 2010

At the park

There is a park right behind our house, which we often go to. But a bit further away, near school, there is another park in a fairly new housing development (which was built on what they call brownfield land, which means it's land that used to have an industrial use - I think this used to be some sort of water treatment facility). Anyway, as part of the development, they have built a wetland area and we pop over sometimes to see how it's all going. Plus there is playground stuff. Yesterday we were collecting Olivia from a friend's house (who lives in this development, called The Hamptons) and Alex and I had a bit of a turn around the wetlands and the playground. There was a pair of swans in the ponds, chasing all the geese away - I hope that means they are nesting there!

Pinata fun

Some of you may have seen this photo on Facebook, but I forgot to blog it over here - this is a paper bag pinata that Alex made with only a little help as part of a project on Mexico for school. It was very simple, and I highly recommend it if you need something along these lines or just want some rainy day fun.