Friday, June 24, 2011

365 Project...or not

Last year, at the beginning of July, I started doing the 365 Project - the idea being to post a photo every day, helping you document your life, refine your photography skills, take time to look around a little more, or whatever. It was a fun experiment, but I found that there were some days - weeks even - when it simply felt like a task. Or, I'd take loads of great photos one day and then nothing for weeks... I'm going to see out my year (6 days to go) but not going to carry it on. I am, however, going to post more random (in the sense of not necessarily related to anything other than being a picture I took for whatever reason) photos on this blog. When I see something interesting, I am going to post it. Haven't yet decided if I will do a "Wordless Wednesday" like some bloggers do (seems unlikely, as I should think I'll want to talk about whatever I post - I'm not so good at Wordless) or simply try to do at least one post a week which just has a photo or two in it. Probably the latter.

This photo above is actually one which appeared already in the 365 project, but it's recent, and I like it - and it's the kind of thing I mean when I say I'm going to blog something random - this isn't a photo of the kids or a house improvement or somewhere we went (well, it is, but not in a scenic view sort of way). I am always telling myself I should blog more on this blog, but I don't want it to be forced or artificial - but a sort of "photo(s) of the week" slot would be a fun addition...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

New summer dress

She really should wear dresses more often...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Roman shield

Homework assignment (topic is Romans at the moment, you might have guessed). We've also been building a (paper model of a) Roman Villa - but we're waiting until it's done to show it - perhaps as a slide show, as a photo is being taken after every step, just about!


Spotted today in the garden - thanks to Geoff for spotting them and Sarah for the photo - a pair of lesser spotted woodpeckers, digging for bugs (I assume) in the raised border on our patio. We often get woodpeckers at our feeder and I've very occasionally seen the other kind (green) on the ground in the garden, but I've never seen them in the border before!

Sunday, June 05, 2011


Recently, Sarah went on a school trip to Barcelona (lucky thing) - here are some highlights.

One day they did a glass-bottom boat tour - in and out of caves.

They visited a theme park and rode roller coasters (this one looks brilliant, I admit).

They visited the Parque Guell

and had a look at the Sagrada Familia Cathedral (many of her other photos show it covered in scaffolding, of course).

There was ice cream in a variety of flavours and colours

and a nice pool at the hotel.

Here's the beach at Tossa de Mar, where they were staying...

Favourite tree

Practicing updating my blog from my phone, because it's about time I worked out how to do that...

Friday, June 03, 2011

Rural Life Centre

A glorious sunny day today, so I insisted that the kids and I go somewhere outside - Sarah had already made plans with some friends, so she didn't come along, but the other two and I headed off to, after some debate, the Rural Life Centre in Tilford, outside Farnham. It's sweet and although it may sometimes get busy - particularly on weekends when there are events, I should think - the two times we've been there, there have only been a handful of other people around, which is great for being able to really look at stuff in depth and play around.

The place is a collection of old buildings from various periods, along with more farm implements, ploughs, tools, etc than you've ever seen before in your life. But it's quite interesting and definitely geared towards families - Alex did a little kid's trail where you have to find specific objects in various buildings - and there are activities set up throughout.

Old signs abound...

You can try your hand at pumping water...

There were a few very young sheep to see, as well. could help make a rag rug... and much more.

Thursday, June 02, 2011