Thursday, December 14, 2017

Dinner, 14/12/17: Chicken Tray Bake

This is basically just some chicken on top of some vegetables on top of some potatoes. It goes in the oven and cooks for about 45minutes to an hour - really easy.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Book 105: At the Edge of the Orchard, Tracy Chevalier

I always enjoy Tracy Chevalier's books, and this was no exception. The story centres on American settlers, first in the Black Swap of Ohio, then in San Francisco and other parts of California around the time of the Gold Rush (though it's not a Gold Rush book). I learned a lot about apples and trees, as well as enjoying (more or less) finding out what happened to the characters...

Dinner, 13/12/17: Celery Soup with Biscuits

Monday, December 11, 2017

Dinner, 11/12/17: Orichiette with Brussels sprouts and pancetta

This is a really nice pasta dish with pancetta (or bacon) and brussels sprouts in a creamy sauce, with the pasta. The sprouts are lovely cooked this way; we really like how they come out.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Dinner, 10/12/17: Massaman Beef & Potato Curry

One for the slow cooker: potatoes, beef, shallots, green beans, curry paste, coconut milk; easy to assemble and makes the whole house smell great as it cooks. Yum.

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Book 104: Let it Snow (compilation)

This one is a re-read - it's a young adult book, three linked stories with a Christmas theme, including a Christmas miniature riot, a trek across town to the Waffle House in a blizzard, another trek from the same Waffle House to home, an epic Twister quest, an infestation of cheerleaders, and a teacup pig. Just the sort of thing I was in the mood for on a cold winter evening.

Book in

Really enjoyed Grayson Perry's memoir ("Portrait of the Artist as a Young Girl") which I read a little while back, and wanted to pick this up the next time I saw it - which was today in the RA gift shop. He's very articulate and interesting, so I'm looking forward to hearing what he has to say, particularly in light of his unusual perspective on manliness...

Book 103: The Trouble with Goats and Sheep, Joanna Cannon

An enjoyable story of 70s suburbia and secrets, set largely (but not entirely) from the point of view of 10 year olds Grace and Tilly, as they investigate why one of their neighbours has vanished. Very well drawn characters and a nice rhythm. 

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Dinner, 5/12/17: Courgette & Cheddar Soup

Also has potatoes in it as a main ingredient. I started it off, and then made Alex finish cooking while I did the online grocery shopping. My life is so much fun.

Monday, December 04, 2017

Friday, December 01, 2017

Book 102: A Noble Radiance, Donna Leon

I'm re-reading my way through this series, and catching all the ones I missed before (before I just read it as I came across the books, not trying to follow the order, and there are definitely gaps) - this was the latest, and as usual, well drawn and enjoyable. I did guess the resolution (and I don't think this was one I'd read before, but I thought it was reasonably well pointed towards the relevant clues) but that didn't matter too much.

Dinner, 1/12/17: Roasted Cauliflower Pizza

This was very tasty - we eat a lot of pizza variations, and this will definitely go into the mix. The cauliflower is roasted first, then put on the pizza dough with some breadcrumbs. It's really lovely. If your pizza dough was vegan (mine isn't) it would feed vegans as well!

November Round-Up


  • 30th: Fend for yourself Thursday
  • 29th: Ginger Beef with Tofu
  • 28th: One pan spicy rice (Alex cooking)
  • 27th: Mushroom and Sausage Pasta
  • 26th: Thai Chicken Noodle Soup
  • 25th: Chili pie with courgettes
  • 24th: Pork Curry with Hearts of Palm
  • 23rd: Fend for yourself Thursday
  • 22nd: Potato & Chorizo Quesadillas
  • 21st: Leftovers
  • 20th: Leftovers
  • 19th: Roast Chicken, roast potatoes, cabbage
  • 18th: Birthday Vegan (almost) feast
  • 17th: Homemade Pizzas
  • 16th: Fend for yourself Thursday
  • 15th: Red chili & broccoli pasta, garlic bread
  • 14th: fend for yourself - everyone out
  • 13th: Cauliflower Cheese Soup (no photo, oops)
  • 12th: Bolognese Stuffed Peppers
  • 11th: Celeriac Steaks with Salsa Verde
  • 10th: Sticky Chinese Chicken (K out - no photo)
  • 9th: Fend for yourself
  • 8th: Mixed Bean Goulash (Alex cooking)
  • 7th: Creamy Cabbage Pasta
  • 6th: Butternut Squash & Bacon soup
  • 5th: Green Prawn Curry
  • 4th: Jacket potatoes with toppings
  • 3rd: Sausges, etc (G&A only; K out)
  • 2nd: Fend for yourself
  • 1st: Chili (Geoff cooking)