Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dinner, 17/4/14: Roasted Tomato Tart with Double Cheese Pastry

This was nice, with caramelised onions under the tomatoes, but I don't think the base cooked as well as it might have done - maybe needs to be a bit thinner?  Still, quite tasty. We had it with a salad.

Renovations, Day 21

Colour! By which I mean, a striking, dark colour (in this photo, the paint is still wet, and will be darker when it dries. Also, it needs a second coat. But still - colour!)

And you can see that this room is nearly finished being painted as well, except the bits above the windows and doors. There was another coat of vinyl white on the ceiling, too, but it still looks basically the same.

Wandering along the Wandle, Wordlessly...


As we appear to have the National Collection of cake decorating sprinkles and shapes, I charged the kids with making and decorating some cakes - Olivia has gone for a bit of a superhero theme on some of these...

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

An evening in...North Greenwich

The girls and I had tickets to see Elbow at the O2 arena (formerly the Millennium dome, or during the Olympics, the North Greenwich Arena), so we decided to go up early and get something to eat, and poke around. I had forgotten about the Emirates SkyLine until we got up there, but it seemed like the perfect thing to do on a lovely spring evening with time to kill...

...but first, some dinner at Wagamama.  An outside table in the glorious sunshine! 

Juice was drunk (and beer, by me),

salads eaten (and noodles, and other treats, including...

chili squid). 

And then, the trip on the skyline (just a cable car which crosses the river - great views, though).

Here's the sun over the O2, just beginning to set.

Olivia working out where she wants to take a good selfie on the skyline.

Sarah watching the oncoming cable cars...

And then back to the O2 for the concert - we were in the seats because I'm an old fart who doesn't really like to stand (and anyway, no under 16s were allowed on the floor on this occasion). 

Photos at concerts on your phone don't really show much - I hadn't bothered to take a decent camera as it's heavy and anyway, I didn't think there'd be a lot to photograph. If I'd thought about the skyline in advance, I'd have taken it!  No worries, when Alex and I head to the Lego Show in November, we'll use it again, as it's at the ExCel, which is on the north side of the river.  

Renovations, Day 20

Can you see the actual paint colour? Woo hoo - paint! I took some in-progress shots because it shows the colour (a pale grey/taupe colour) better with the white still showing through underneath. Tomorrow, there may be colour on the accent wall as well (or not - we'll see).

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dinner, 16/4/14: Pierogi with broth

I didn't make these pierogi (Polish dumplings) - a recent visit to a different supermarket than normal, which had a Polish import section, resulted in their acquisition. Filled with cheese and potato. I made some broth from various leftover chicken bits in the freezer to go with them. Yum.

Oh, and some (American style) biscuits.

Renovations, Day 19

More wallpapering today - all the paper on the walls is done except a tiny bit across the tops of the doors and windows in the dining room - that will get done tomorrow. Some more painting of coving and prep work has happened as well. Soon, actual colours of paint. Woo hoo.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Dinner, 14/4/14: Burgers, salads

With the weather being nice and many neighbours barbecuing, the kids have been nagging me lots to cook out; we decided to do so tonight - just burgers and some boerewors (South African sausage), with a bunch of different salads. If the weather stays nice, we might well do it again.

Renovations, Day 18

More wallpaper. At some point, we will move beyond wallpaper, but at the moment, it's wallpaper. Tomorrow, the radiator is coming off the wall (so the wall can be wallpapered, of course) so at least there will be some photographic variety...

Wordless Wetland Centre Visit