Friday, May 25, 2018

May declutter, day 25: 25 items (325 total)

Still in Sarah's room, moving on to clothes now. Various things which either don't fit or are no longer worn. Most bound for the charity shop (though I don't send pants to the charity shop - can't imagine anyone buying second hand pants). 

Thursday, May 24, 2018

May declutter, day 24: 24 items (300 total)

Still working through Sarah's room - various bits and pieces, some for the bin, some for the charity shop; one item (the holepunch) going to school with me. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

May declutter, day 23: 23 items (276 total)

More things from Sarah's room - makeup which is either too old or she doesn't use for other reasons, some socks she doesn't wear, etc, etc. Most of this stuff is going in the bin, with a few objects suitable for rehoming.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

May declutter, day 22: 22 items (253 total)

This stuff is all from Sarah's room - various knick knacks, books, posters, etc which she no longer needs. And a pair of socks with holes in.

Monday, May 21, 2018

May declutter, day 21: 21 items (231 total)

And another assortment of stuff from various places around the house: some insulated mugs we don't use (to work), a couple of old bikes and scooters which have been cluttering up the bike shed (gone to new homes via local FB group), old notebooks, half full (bin), some old bits of clothing leftover from Olivia upcycling and  a paper pattern (bin), some posters (recycling), a few books from Sarah's room (charity shop), an old pair of gym trousers with a huge rip (bin). 

Sunday, May 20, 2018

May declutter, day 20: 20 items (210 total)

Some unusued pillowcases and placemats (charity shop), broken headphones (bin), spare mugs (work) and old water bottles (recycling), a very heavy duvet we don't like (tip - it's not really suitable for the charity shop), my old swimsuit (just got a new one; this one is losing its elasticity), some extra pillow stuffing from old pillows (bin). 

Saturday, May 19, 2018

May declutter, day 19: 19 items (190 total)

This is just pants. Literally. There are 19 pairs of pants here, some in a size 13-14 YO and some in a men's small - all of which are too small for Mr I Just Don't Ever Seem to Stop Growing Taller. Obviously, he doesn't clear out his dresser quite frequently enough.

Dinner, 19/5/18: New Potato, Mozzarella, Spring Onion Tart

Friday, May 18, 2018

May declutter, day 18: 18 items (171 total)

Today's selection of items comes from all over the house - a few things from the loft cupboards - some old CD racks, a scarf, another region 1 DVD (charity shop), a few old posters, some dried up glue (bin), and a handful of highlighters and clips, which are going to school. 

Thursday, May 17, 2018

May declutter, day 17: 17 items (153 total)

Some more stuff (mostly) from the loft storage - an old sleeping bag which no one uses - we have a couple of better ones, and we don't camp, so there's not a huge need for sleeping bags in our house anyway.  A ton of boxes - mostly shoes boxes with flip lips (rather than separate lids) and a few other things. The kids have broken these down and they'll go to the tip. I did keep a good handful (6 or 7) shoeboxes with lids and a couple of small mailing boxes. Three duvet sets, which will go to the charity shop. The kids' beds still have 2 or 3 sets each, and I still have a couple of spares in case I need some to send to uni with Olivia next year. And the Aristocats is a region 1 DVD, which we can't readily play. It's going to the charity shop (with a note) and we'll replace it with a region 2 DVD, because even teenagers need Aristocats from time to time...

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Book 39: The Girl Savage by Katherine Rundell

This is another one which I bought intending to share with my class - picked it up in the bookshop the other week without realising (despite it actually saying on the cover) that the author also wrote Rooftoppers, which I read earlier this year.  I enjoyed this one - another good, imaginative story from a great writer.

Dinner, 16/5/18: Spaghetti with Courgette & Lemon

A nice simple, summery pasta dish - you don't even cook the courgette in advance, just grate it and when you mix it into the hot pasta, it wilts just enough.

May declutter, day 16: 16 items (136 total)

Sarah and I cleared out a couple of cupboards in her room (which is in the loft, so has all the extra storage in it) and found lots of things which we don't need anymore. The bookmarks are actually going to school - we have tons and these can go in books in my book corner. The two ready beds both leak, so aren't very practical (they are also very old) - they are going to the tip. The two baskets can go to the charity shop as they've been in the cupboard for years. The green canister was a Christmas present container, but we'll never use it. The backpacks - two are going to the charity shop, and one, which is really in bad shape, in the bin. The gym bag in the same picture is ripped, so also - bin.  The toaster box has the old toaster in it, which sort of works, but tends to burn things even on low (which is why we got a new toaster) - again, it's going to the tip. And the red plastic box (which is actually a set of stacking boxes), we just never use, so no need to keep it.