Saturday, October 15, 2016

Book 84: Station Eleven, Emily St John Mandel

Thought this was great. Post-apocalyptic tale based around some travelling players, but multi-stranded with gentle interweavings, heading towards a nice resolution which I didn't actually see until right before it, though in retrospect...d'oh. Lovely writing and a great, rather calm, take on what is often so brutal (post-apocalyptic worlds) - reminded me a little of The Road in that sense of calm in a horrible world and a little of David Mitchell in the quality of the interwoven stories (though not quite so convoluted). Anyway, a real winner.

Dinner, 15/10/16: Stromboli, Potato & Bean Salad, Asparagus

Sarah is home for the weekend, so I had a request for "something which was more complicated than stuff I want to cook for myself at uni"  - I went with stromboli. Not really a one-person-cooking-in-a-uni-kitchen kind of meal, though it's not particularly difficult. A potato and bean salad to go with it, and the asparagus was reduced in the supermarket - I know it's out of season and from far away, but it was reduced from £2 per small packet of tips to 59p per packet, so I got enough asparagus for 5 people for just over £2. Can't resist that!

Book in

No idea about this one, though it looks promising. I found it in the pound shop, so thought it was worth a pound to try it out. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Dinner, 12/10/16: Courgette and Refried Bean Quesadillas (myWaitrose magazine)

These were very nice - the beans were black beans, fried with onion and blitzed; the courgettes were thinly sliced and roasted. Then some goat cheese and chilis. Served with pico de Gallo. Tasty. 

Monday, October 10, 2016

Dinner, 10/10/16: Meatball & pasta bake

This was a total assemly-rather-than-cooking dish: the better part of a bag of frozen meatballs, several bags of ready-made ravioli, a jar of sauce, some grated cheese. Chucked in the oven for a while. But it was very nice!

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Dinner, 9/10/16: Sweet potato gumbo with cornbread muffins (Simon Rimmer)

From his book The Seasoned Vegetarian (I really must get his first veggie one, The Accidental Vegetarian) - we've had this before a number of years ago, but not recently. I still really like it, even though it's quite spicy. Personally, I like okra, but if you aren't a fan, this dish probably isn't for you.

Book 83: Death at La Fenice, Donna Leon (re-read)

Re-reading this series, too, I think. Now that I've been to Venice, I want to read them again and imagine I'm there, crime and all. And wish I was back!

Friday, October 07, 2016

Dinner, 7/10/16: Pea, Courgette and Feta Fritters (Sainsbury's Magazine), Salad

Another excellent addition to the fritter collection. These were light and fresh tasting.

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Book 82: The Woman in White, Wilkie Collins

I counted this book in my September reading as I read most of it in September. I think Wilkie Collins is an excellent writer - quite under-rated. Really enjoyed the Moonstone last year and this one is also superb.

Monday, October 03, 2016

Dinner, 3/10/16: Rosemary chicken with tomato sauce & mash (Good Food Magazine)

We've had this before, I think, though not in a while - it's getting colder, so all the autumnal recipes are beginning to come out! This was quick, because it used boneless thighs - even the time spent boning the thighs didn't add much to the prep time. Good for a quick weeknight supper.

Sunday, October 02, 2016

Dinner, 2/10/16: Roasted sausage and apple with sauerkraut (John Whaite)

Another from the Perfect Plates with Five Ingredients book - this one's main purpose was to use up half a jar of sauerkraut languishing in the fridge. It was nice - I liked the apple, though I imagine the kids weren't as keen. I'd choose different sausages next time than the ones I bought, though - they weren't my favourite.

Book 81: Naked in Death, J D Robb

I've read this before a couple of times - it's a light (in the sense of being a quick, easy read, a little fluffy, but in a good way) crime fiction/romance novel, the first in a series. Found it in a charity shop and fancied it again - still entertaining.