Thursday, April 13, 2017

A week in Florida

So, I had a week in Florida over Easter, to help celebrate my uncle's 90th birthday. It was a lovely visit once I got there (tornadoes in Georgia grounded all flights in and out of Atlanta, which was where I was connecting, for a while - I did finally get to Orlando, but it took a long time and took my bag even longer). 

On Saturday, we had a picnic in the park with some of my aunt & uncle's friends. 

I visited McKee Botanical Gardens, where I'd last been as a small child (when it was called McKee Jungle Gardens).

We did some manatee watching, 

walked on the beach (this is my cousin, Terry), 

and looked for shells (my brother).

We had another birthday dinner at Taffy's house (what we call the house that used to belong to my grandparents - my aunt and uncle don't live there, they live in a retirement community, but the family uses the house still) on Sunday, the actual birthday. My mom was missing, despite being my uncle's younger sister, because her flights were so badly affected by bad weather and the knock on effect that she just ended up cancelling her trip and getting a full refund.

My two cousins, Diane and Terry.

Terry took this one - a decent picture of me - almost never happens!

We had a final birthday celebratory meal on Monday at the Ocean Grill, a nice restaurant where we used to go for fancy meals over the course of many years visiting Florida.

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