Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Dinner, 13/9/16: Lemony couscous with chickpeas (Moosewood), tomato & cucumber salad

A make-ahead for Tuesday - Tuesday is my night to tutor quite late, so I don't have time to make dinner. Sometimes someone else will make it (not a good night for Geoff to cook as it's the one day a week he reliably goes into the office), but sometimes we'll try to make things ahead on the weekend. This was the latter, served with a tomato and cucumber salad (no picture) and pita bread and hummous for people who didn't have enough!  And leftover couscous salad for lunch Wednesday!

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Sharon W. said...

God bless the Moosewood Cookbook. And the restaurant which is in the basement of the old Dewitt School in Ithaca, NY. When I lived in Ithaca in the mid 60's, it was a new and outrageously unique spot. I ate there a few times, but it didn't appeal to me. NOW I would love to eat there regularly!!!!