Thursday, May 18, 2017

May Declutter, Day 18: 18 items, 171 total

Lots of bits and pieces today - some more things from Sarah's wardrobe (old coat, two skirts, a couple of cardigans) and some things from the living room - some colouring pencils (we have several sets of much nicer ones), a cool marble run toy which I will give to a friend with small kids, some folders and paper for recycling, a few empty containers, and generally other stuff which needs to go.  I'm sure I can manage the declutter, but it's harder this year because it's my third year - and because I'm generally good about getting rid of stuff through the year. Also, the weather has been terrible when I've had free time, so I've been unable to get into the shed, which is usually good for clearing out. I know there's loads of stuff in the drawers of old electronics and cables which can probably go, but I've not been able to psych myself into that one mentally yet...

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