Saturday, January 07, 2017

Dinner, 7/1/17: Chili Beef Pies (Hairy Bikers), Courgettes

These were fab. The pastry was very delicate, but despite having some holes when put in the oven, the filling didn't leak, so it didn't matter. And it was definitely worth it - the pastry was great; the polenta gave it a really nice texture, which contrasted well with the filling. We'll definitely be having these again. Awesome.

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Sharon W. said...

I wish you would STOP showing those Hairy Biker pies et al. Over a year ago I bought their PIE cookbook because of your splendid photos; I haven't even tried to reproduce your splendor. Well, Now I am making a January resolution: I WILL PRODUCE A HAIRY BIKER PIE in Rhode Island. So there.