Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A day in Phoenix

While my sister in law had some things to do today, my brother and I (and my niece, who is 3) went into downtown Phoenix to have a look at the Children's Museum - here are some mountains, such as you see all around the outskirts of Phoenix. 

We went past this historic house (though not in it, as it wasn't open on Tuesdays)

and found this amazing climbing structure inside the Phoenix children's museum. We did eventually get Elise off the structure, but it took a while, and a bit of backache on the part of the grownups. 

She decided instead to spend some time in the tricycle carwash. 

She "drove" through the carwash a number of times. Like about 50. Luckily, all we had to do was watch, for this activity.

I wanted to go inside this room, but unfortunately, it was shut. I think there was another sign which read "Alligators flossing teeth" or something similar.

Here she is, watching the ball go around the enormous ball course; she's just sent it along the track. 

And afterwards, we went to lunch at the Barrio Cafe, home of some seriously excellent Mexican food. They like to cover their back walls with local artwork. (And inside, too - not graffiti so much, but local artwork.)

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