Thursday, August 11, 2016

Rainy days bring...stately homes?

Today being somewhat of a grey, wet day, we headed off to do something interesting indoors. In this instance, we found a relatively nearby National Trust property to visit - NT properties being free admission to members (or rather, not so much free as included in the price of your yearly membership, but you know what I mean).  We chose Felbrigg Hall, which was pretty close to where we are staying, and which sounded interesting. And it was! Here is the dining room, set for a dinner in the 1850s (I think). 

A room which was added to make space for all the pictures one of the owners returned from his Grand Tour with.

Sarah ascending the main stairs.

This is handpainted Chinese wallpaper from the 18th century. Very cool. 

This is some lino in the one bathroom, featuring nursery rhymes. Also very cool. 

Dozens of copper pots in the kitchen.

A fire engine in the house, useful for putting out fires when you are a slightly eccentric estate owner who likes to make your own fireworks.

We even had a chance to see the walled garden, which is well known and very large and beautiful, as it did stop raining later in the afternoon.

(This is a chicken coop.)

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