Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Seal watching at Blakeney Point


Decided to take a trip today out to Blakeney Point to check out the local seal colonies - apparently there are quite a few local seals; at low tide there are upwards of 6- or 700 to be seen.  Of course, our trip was at high tide, which is the only time boats can get close enough to where the seals like to be to make the trip worthwhile.  Here we are heading out towards the mouth of the harbour (not my kiddies in the picture, of course!)  We went with Bean's Boats, who were great - the two guys doing the commentary and piloting the boat were really friendly and knowledgeable.

And there were loads of seals to be seen - both common, which is mostly what you see here, including a pup in the photo below, apparently about a week old, and grey seals. 

These are the greys - they were mostly congregated in a slightly different area than the common seals, though they weren't by any means completely segregated.  The grey seals have their young in the winter, so all the pups we saw - four or five - were common seals. 

Here you can see another of the boats getting quite close to the colony - there were loads of boats out there looking - it's obviously a prime thing to do when you are on tour in the area.

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