Monday, August 08, 2016

A Walk Around North Norfolk

Of course, there's a lot of North Norfolk to see, and walking, even for a fairly long distance, you can only see so much. We followed this route, from an AA book called 50 walks in Norfolk, and it was a really nice route. It started out along the North Norfolk Coastal Path, then headed inland through various villages and across open farmland, before heading through a nature reserve and then along some roads and pathways back towards the beach.  

The coast is really beautiful here, with lots of flats and saltmarshes as well as dunes (we actually came down off the dune path, which was sandy and hard to walk on, onto the edge of the marshes and beach where the sand was damp and packed and much easier walking). 

We saw a number of other people out walking with or without dogs, and near Hunstanton, lots of people kite surfing, which is what they are doing in this photo, though it's a bit hard to see.

Didn't take as many photos as we came inland, as it was just villages and open farmland. We did see the ruins of a 13th century chapel, just standing in a field (at least, that's what the guidebook says it was...)

And before enterring the nature reserve, we saw this Tudor looking barn, which was stunning. 

This reserve, the Ringstead Downs Nature Reserve, is apparently one of the very few areas in Norfolk which is chalk rather than sand - did look remarkably like our Downs near home. 

(This is the point in the walk where Geoff and I let the kids get far enough ahead of us so they could listen to Hamilton and sing it without driving me insane...)

Finally finished up the walk with another section across farmlands back towards the beach - passing very close to this sailless windmill - not sure if it's a conversion or not - we think it might be used as a residence now - unfortunately, didn't get quite close enough to it to check.

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