Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August Round Up

Although I was away for a lot of August, partly with my family and partly on my own, there was still cooking in the house. I can't show photos of most of it, as they didn't take photos, but I can make a note of what they cooked and ate!


  • 31st: Thai mince with rice (Geoff cooking, K away)
  • 30th: Penne with Pancetta, Rocket, etc (Sarah cooking, K away)
  • 29th: Takeaway Pizza (K away)
  • 28th: Filled pasta bake (Alex cooking, K away)
  • 27th: Meatballs, chips (K away)
  • 26th: Sticky Lemon Chicken, Broccoli, Carrots (Sarah cooking, K away)
  • 25th: Greek Chicken Salad (Sarah cooking, K away)
  • 24th: Chickpea, Spinach & Potato Curry (Geoff cooking, K away)
  • 23rd: Soba noodle salad (Olivia cooking, K away)
  • 22nd: Cold chicken, fried potatoes, salad (K away)
  • 21st: Roast Chicken (Geoff cooking, K away)
  • 20th: K away
  • 19th: Thai Red Pork Curry (K away)
  • 18th: K away
  • 17th: Homemade Pizza
  • 16th: Stir Fried Veg & Rice
  • 15th: Everyone find your own (K&A out)
  • 14th: Bratwurst, Rosti, carrots
  • 13th: Everyone find your own
  • 12th: Sausages, etc (Norfolk Holiday)
  • 11th: Fish, Vegetables, Bread (Norfolk Holiday)
  • 10th: Dinner out, The Duck (Norfolk Holiday)
  • 9th: Fish & Chips Again (Norfolk Holiday)
  • 8th: Fish & Chips (Norfolk Holiday)
  • 7th: Food Festival (Norfolk Holiday)
  • 6th: Dinner out (Norfolk Holiday)
  • 5th: Baked Potatoes & Toppings
  • 4th: Lamb steaks, leftover veg, flatbreads
  • 3rd: out to lunch, Oxford
  • 2nd: Chili Citrus Chicken (S cooking, K away)
  • 1st: Spag bol (G cooking, K away)

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